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Linda's Fiber  Landscapes and Fiber and Acrylic Landscape Paintings


I have been making art all my life and I feel the need to create art to explore materials and make my experiences a visual for others to appreciate.


My Fiber landscapes were created after visiting Arizona and being inspired by the elements of nature in Sedona.The rock formations and the calmness that enveloped the area truly spoke to my creativity. This series of Fiber Landscapes are inspired by places I've spent time visiting and seasonal colors that I have experienced living here on Long Island. The Calmness of the ocean, the quiet of the woods and the solitude of the desert are represented in these unique pieces.Collecting a variety of textures like wools and cotton fibers, truly make the pieces unique along with branches and interesting woods.


These new Fiber and Acrylic Landscape paintings were inspired by attending a workshop with Robert Bateman in British Columbia. I always painted in acrylic but after attending this workshop my style and thought process changed . Choosing the natural canvas and painting only what is important to express what I see is my goal. Combining this with fiber accents , I enhanced the textures and color of the place or object through the use of a variety of fibers.

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